The founder of the Beemohr bridal label

Fiona designs bridal jackets and sweaters ... and sometimes knits too

How did you come to your company?

I learned a commercial profession through several detours. I've always wanted to be self-employed and have read a lot of books, taken courses ... and stayed in the job for 18 years. At some point I met my current husband and at some point our wedding was just around the corner.

When looking for the right wedding dress, I saw some bolero jackets and was a bit scared because they looked either a là curtain or plastic. I thought ... back in 2007 I would look on the internet for a suitable festive cardigan - nothing! So I got myself some wool and off we went. It was very fine wool and I knitted my jacket with knitting needle 2, that took many, many hours, but it was ready for the wedding and that's how I developed my business idea. In the meantime I knit a wide variety of yarns and have developed a variety of cuts.

What makes your products special?

I mostly use hand knitting yarn, which makes my jackets very soft and breathable. When I'm looking for a knitter, I first have a test model knitted, there were many and now I've "kept" the best. And I am very happy because they have been knitting for me for a long time. My knitters use hand knitting machines, so the stitch structure is clean and smooth. I am convinced that in addition to the idea, my business lives from the wonderful work of my knitters.

What material do you use?

Baby alpaca, cashmere, merino, mohair. With this wool you can conjure up elegant and romantic jackets for romantic occasions. I sometimes knit 5 balls of wool in my jackets. 125 grams of concentrated quality :-)

What does your workplace look like?

I have to keep rearranging and designing, sometimes moving the desk somewhere else, that takes time, but somehow I need it to keep the energies flowing. I am surrounded by beautiful pictures, books, pencils and always an A4 sheet of paper with tasks. And I have a couch in my office, I don't just want to work. In addition, my two cute cats surround me.

Are you active regionally or globally?

I produce relatively regionally, my knitters live and work in Germany. My products are very individual and I also like to knit customizations, which is why it is definitely important to speak a language and I also like to know how and where my knitters work.

I buy the wool through German dealers, but the wool often comes from Italy. The products are ordered both nationally and internationally.

I am very global with my customers; "My" future brides come from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, America, Canada, New Zealand, Tasmania and other countries.

Would you advise other people to be self-employed?

In principle, yes. You have to be brave. First of all, mine has to find his idea, that also means work, courses such as finding a job can help or even try out a lot, I've done a number of adult education courses, which shows you what you enjoy. Questioning whether you really need the clerk job. Business skills are helpful and you have to stick with it. I heard so many "no" s at the beginning. I didn't let that deter me, I knew that I could do it and that there was a market. Still, you have to tap the market; Ask at trade fairs / potential customers, bring your product with you, offer it in shops ...