Get married with Beemohr

Since 10 years We knit for brides and guests in our small knitting atelier in the south of Hamburg. For boho weddings and vintage weddings are knitted Bridal bolero and  Bridal sweater the most beautiful bridal accessory. Knitted items are all the rage and can also be worn with jeans or an evening dress afterwards. we knit the Bolero with soft hand knitted yarns in many colors. With every bolero you will find one or even two color cards in the image view. Here you can choose the right color for your dress. You are welcome to call or send an email with a photo of your dress so that we can choose the most beautiful bolero for your wedding.

Bridal jacket in ivory made of soft wool Bridal cardigan for weddings in boho and vintage style 2019 and 2020

We knit with the finest yarns

Cashmere, merino, silk, baby alpaca, angora and mohair wool. Slightly warming and skin-friendly jackets for brides in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Cardigans made of this wool are breathable, no sweating as with bolero made of polyester, washing beforehand is not necessary. We mainly use hand knitting yarns that have not been pretreated. Wrap yourself in a cozy cardigan when it gets a little cooler, like in church, at a champagne reception or at a photo shoot. For vintage and boho weddings, knitted bolero are the right accessory for the wedding.

Beemohr knits in Germany

We knit in small knitting studios all over Germany. That Main studio is located in Buchholz in the north heath. My team of knitters has been with us for many years. We knit all jackets by knitting machine or by hand. We have created knitting instructions for some models for brides or grandmas who would like to knit their jacket themselves. Some bolero are simple, others require a little more experience. Knit the bridal jacket that suits you. If you can find a model on our site that you like, but perhaps would like a different neckline or a different knitting pattern, then we can make changes for you.

Beemohr in the studio: knitting for brides

Visit us in Buchholz idN for a fitting

Try one Bolero , or Bridal sweater with your wedding dress and look for the right color: we knit bridal jackets in off white, ivory, cream and pure white. Also in pink, light blue, light brown and other colors on request. A fitting is the best way to see which bridal jacket fits perfectly.

Visit Beemohr Brautmoden in our studio

We won't let you freeze at your wedding!

In Germany and elsewhere, the weather for a wedding can hardly be predicted. With a cardigan you are well prepared for your big day. Especially in church, at a champagne reception or in the evening it can get a little fresher. Then a warming jacket is the solution. Cardigans made of natural wool are breathable and very comfortable on the skin. A bridal bolero in the color off white goes best with an ivory wedding dress. 

Do you need a bolero jacket for your wedding?

Many would like to wear their wedding dress without accessories. It was clear to me at my wedding that I would wear a cardigan. And I was happy with my decision, it was pretty fresh at the champagne reception, even though the sun was shining. Except in the evening in the restaurant, I always wore my jacket. Who visites  would like with his Wedding already freezing? Even if the summer is hot and the weather forecast for your wedding is promising; the weather is usually only predictable for 2 days, nobody really knows what it will look like at your wedding in a week: you better prepare and find a warm jacket for her wedding dress File