Get married in cozy, soft bridal jackets and sweaters in the classic colors: ivory, off white and white

... we knit your dream bridal jacket in our knitting atelier in Germany. A bolero for festive dresses protects against fluctuations in the weather and will not freeze you at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and in concerts or theaters. A bolero jacket can cover shoulders and arms, which often goes well with the dress. Beemohr's jackets are knitted from soft wool, so that you are comfortably protected - without itching or fluff.

Bridal sweater knitted from soft wool Bridal bolero jacket knitted for wedding dresses Cardigans for the wedding

Bolero in white, off white, ivory, pink, red to black

We knit all cardigans in a selection of many colors. For the wedding is the most suitable color off white, partly ivory - cream - if the dress is not in a broken white. The ivory that we use for our bridal jackets is a soft and light cream. Also pink or light blue is used for Bolero jackets gladly chosen. It complements ivory-colored ones Wedding Dresses wonderful and you can wear these cardigans for too many occasions later. A festive bolero is always suitable for the evening dress.

Cardigan for wedding dresses

 cardigan complements a chiffon or silk dress wonderfully, a dress combined with another material makes it look softer and cardigans around arms and shoulders are more comfortable to wear than lace bolero jackets or satin jackets. A knitted bolero jacket provides discreet warmth and "breathes" with you, at least if it is made from natural yarns. We use baby alpaca with silk, merino, cashmere and mohair for our bridal jackets.

These materials are soft, skin-friendly and breathable - so you can enjoy every celebration :-)

Bridal jackets and their knitting pattern

The bridal jackets are knitted in a smooth pattern, decreases are worked with beautiful raglan decreases. There are finely knitted bolero, like Fairy or coarser knitted jackets like Anna. Fee is a little thicker - good for Fall weddings and  Winter weddings suitable, Anna is thinner and more suitable for a summer wedding. I love motifs in a cardigan, so you will find some bridal jackets with:

  • knitted hearts: Julia
  • Embroidered lettering such as "Braut", "Bride", "Ja" and your initials
  • knitted hearts and notes

Bolero for the bride

♥ Whether a bolero in white, glitter, red or black, you will find the right jacket for festive occasions here