How minimalism became part of my life + Ideas for the DIY wedding

Minimalism has moved into my house

YES! And with that many things moved to another place. I have become attentive to the subject of Minimalism before my last move. I've never had much, since I do not like shopping at all; neither shopping clothes nor shopping groceries.

Especially because the shops are too crowded for me and I am rather exhorsted afterwards. I prefer a good book and a coffee or a sports unit. And I even prefer to work :-).

Nevertheless, a lot has accumulated. Online shopping is also a nice and comfortable thing. First of all, I took a closer look at what I could let go first.

The 6 things that I sorted out first

  1. My cable phone including contract.
  2. Wardrobe that I did not want to build together again in my new flat.
  3. Some cups and individual cutlery pieces.
  4. Vacuum cleaner (I have a vacuum robot).
  5. Wet vacuum cleaner, almost unused.
  6. Approximately 10 garments.
  7. It was not much then. I took a lot with me to my new apartment with a studio. Here I really started.

Minimalism in my knit - Atelier
In my new apartment is a little less space, still enough. I'd rather have a little less now. Because that also means taking care of less. My new apartment with studio is a dream - a bright light - flooded top floor apartment. When I had settled in halfway, I started to take a closer look at everything.

For example, I had 10 chairs! Yes, sometimes visitors come, but I also have converted side tables, which can be used as well. Here is one:

table and chair all together

A practical side table for the couch and at the same time a chair when we are a few more. This stool was once a chair. I sawn off the backrest with a jigsaw, polished off the surface and then painted the stool. For decoration, I have a nice knob screwed in front.

The 10 things that I sorted out in my new apartment

  1. 6 chairs.
  2.  A cabinet placing the TV, The TV itself is most times in my daughter's room, since I hardly watch TV (she would like to watch a lot, but we have a TV contingent).
  3. Deco: a gold ball, candlesticks, pictures, picture frames - I have to dust almost nowhere anymore:-).
  4. Books, I borrow almost all in our library, some books they don't have, I order by interlibrary loan, a book is usually only read once, so why collect them at home?
  5. A foot bubble bath - was used maybe twice a year.
  6. A desk lamp that always simply flipped down its shade.
  7. Several bags of clothes and odds and ends.
  8. Wool and knitting needle boxes.
  9. An internet radio; I only listen to music and lectures via mobile phone or tablet.
  10. Alarm clock, again my phone is sufficient.

If I could, I'd like to take care of the kids room, my kids are collectors and hoard things that they have not even known of for a long time. (From time to time I take something to the social department store.)

Since I've been mindful of the minimalism I try not to use:

Candle instead of elctricity

 battery-powered devices and as few electrical devices as possible. Also, I did not buy a Thermomix for this reason.

For 1.5 years I sell and give away rather than buying.
Space and tidiness is good for free thoughts and devices and items do not need energy and care of me.

If you start with minimalism, you automatically get to the topic

Zero waste

A big topic, which has shown me that cosmetics including shampoo, toothpaste and shower gel can be all self-made and stored only in glass containers.

5 things that I create myself for my bath

  1. Toothpaste
  2. Flush
  3. Shampoo
  4. Liquid soap by natural soap
  5. I replaced creams with oils

Minimalism in my bathroom DIY shampoo, soap, creme

Not only that ...

I have also replaced many habits, habits that devour money and cost time; I will write a followup - blog.

Last but not least: DIY for your wedding

Even at the wedding, you can move in the minimalist aspect. Here are some ideas:

  1. Celebrate outside in boho style; A tarp between some trees tautly protects against rain and wind.
  2. A buffet and everyone brings something, which relaxes the atmosphere and the food is varied.
  3. The bridal jacket itself knit with the matching wool and knitting instructions, fun and you can be creative with the matching Knit Kit:

Das passende Knit Kit für deine selbst gesrickte Brautjacke DIY Wedding knit your own bridal jacket

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