Autumn is coming and more brides might getting married in 2022

If you don't get married in summer, you get married in autumn

The government in Germany frightens with news as "the very cold winter 2022 is to come!". The reason is a possible lack of gas for heating. For petrol we already say a spike in price. For gas it is forecasted. In addition food prices clibed too.

Due to this many poeple already save expenses where ever possible.

Still there are weddings. It is said especially in worse times the marriages go up. However if you are getting married soon and like to save money what about knitting your own bridal bolero or sweater.

You'll find many knit boxes and knitting pattern for a range of festive cardigan and sweater. We deliver world wide.

This hand-knitted light stole is very popular for DIY WEDDINGS.

Brautstola locker leicht aus edlen Mohair von Katia gestrickt

On this picture colour beige with number 35 can be seen. It is often choosen by future brides. The most favoured colour is pure white:

Knit stole white for your bridal skirt made from Beemohr

also favoured a light powder:

Bridal knit sweater and jackets in powder from beemohr

With this wool we knit the modells Sky, Wind and Monti. 

A cosy knit bolero is our model snwoball you can buy it already knitted here or knit it yourself with the prcatical kniting kit.

Bridal jacket with rabatt for your wedding

Find a wide range of knitting kits for festive and leisure times here.

LEGER line: knitted sweaters for weekends

You might as well knit a sweater for every day: comfy and cozy. For the cuddly mohair sweater I have chosen a beautiful forrest green with gray stripes.

Chunky knit sweater made with ingenua mohair

This sweater will be knitted in the same pattern as Dave and Brad..

Cozy loose knit sweater mohair katia

And here I found a nice Monday quote that fits very well into the current time:

Courage is very important. Like a muscle, it is strengthened through use. ”- Ruth Gordon

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