Wishes to the Christ Child

Wishes for a peaceful time

Now it is back - the time when the children express their wishes for the Christkind compose. We remember when we ourselves, full of pride and expectations, put our letter on the windowsill several decades ago.

If wishing were so easy today ...

Over the years we have learned that everything that the Christ Child can do does not make you happy for a long time. Because over the years, our wishes grew bigger and bigger. They did not get stuck in their infancy and our expectations grew almost immeasurably. It is the simplest things in life that make us rich.

Reflect, Christmas wishes & angels

Wishing you

A hand that holds yours is a top priority. I wish all future brides a hand that will hold tightly with yours for a lifetime. I wish everyone Brides a bright weather on wedding day. Because it is well known that beautiful weather cannot be ordered, but when the sun shines from the sky, the day of all days already begins to take effect in the morning hours.

I wish all brides a calm and relaxed preparation time and many helping hands when they are needed. I wish you real joy preparing an unforgettable hen party and that everyone who you want to be there will be at the wedding.

Everyone has their job to do

For the fantastically beautiful wedding dress you are solely responsible, the cozy one Cashmere jacket provides beemohr  at, the guests brought a good and exuberant atmosphere. Then the day of the days can come, which is packed with emotion and filled with infinite joy. A day when, as a bride, you really fondly remember yourself for a lifetime.