You will get creative with wool for jackets, sweaters, scarves and cuffs to knit yourself

Buy wool online from Katia, Lanartus, Filatura Di Crosa

Wool buy conveniently online. Bee Beemohr you will find all yarns that form a good basis for knitted fabrics:

  • Merino
  • Baby alpaca with silk
  • Mohair
  • cashmere
  • Angora
  • Cotton Fabrics

In addition, you will find wool and the appropriate knitting instructions in practical Knitting kits In summary - just order and get started without searching in the wool shop. 


How to knit yours Bridal bolero yourself or a friend or aunt will take care of it knitting for her. Back then I also knitted my bridal jacket myself. I wore the bridal bolero to tie with the text "Bride" knitted into it. Here you can admire the jacket. It took some time, but it was also fun. Because of the thin wool, knitting took a little longer ... but as part of the wedding preparations it was more of a meditative activity.

★ Bridal Bolero Jacket to knit yourself ★

Some of the Bridal jacketsYou can knit them yourself, which you can find here on this page, but you should bring some experience with you.

I knit all models in a large selection of colors, browse the category Wool, there you can see what colors are available. I myself knitted Elly in turquoise and sleeveless - the perfect piece for summer - I love it.

Do it yourself knitting bridal bolero, bridal jackets wedding jackett wedding jumper

The jackets can also be combined well with evening dresses, choose your favorite color and get started!

Wool for sweaters, scarves and cuffs to knit yourself

You can also find the wool for other knitting projects here; mith thicker wool, you get faster results, so you can knit or crochet a scarf or hat in just a few hours. You need a little more patience with thinner wool.

Just create a cozy knitting atmosphere; by choosing your favorite place, inserting a nice radio play ... a nice love story can also fit well and treat yourself to another one aromatic coffee and start your knitting in this pleasant atmosphere. With knitting you arrive at home very well and maybe even find a little to yourself.

Favorite place for knitting