Knit sweaters, jackets and home accessories with these FREE knitting patterns

Knitting & crochet

... now you can find a lot more Knitting instructions free in the section Wool. I picked out most of the knitting instructions at Katia, you can get a selection of wool here

The knitting of living accessories, cozy plates, cushion covers or crocheted buckets or I would rather call it baskets to stow away your creative collections is all the rage. That too is quick and crocheting is also really easy to learn and you can see progress quickly.

My first crochet project was a crochet sweater in cream in a double crochet pattern. Beautiful and now modern again. I look forward to seeing you in mine Knitting instructions Fundus a nice piece for knitting .


The instructions are divided into Knitting instructions for:





  • Kids
  • Adult
  • Home accessories

Knitted jackets off Ingenua wool knit each other on a weekend, knitting home accessories such as cushion covers is also quick and is also something for beginners. Here you can see, for example, a coarse knitted jacket:

Ingenua mohair jacket thick cardigan   Mohair sweater in pink