Annual review 2017: Beemohr knitted many bridal jackets :-)

Only a few hours left, then the year 2018 begins, time for a brief summary of the year 2017.

2017 was a fantastic year with some constructive learning units. I have moved into my new studio; bigger and with a wonderful view of the countryside, so that I will soon be able to receive customers again. Much was ordered; my Knitters and i had good to do.

The Bridal bolero The longest trip was to New Zealand, the Americans ordered more than last year, even a bridal shop from New York was there. Possibly it is because of the cheap dollar exchange rate. Wool and knitting sets were well received; Knitting still seems to be the trend.

Knitting creatively and individually

II'm happy about happy customers scattered across the continents. You continue to enable me to do the most beautiful Bridal bolero to design knitting pattern for Bridal jackets to develop that fit perfectly and still take part in some bridal dances. Working with wonderful knitters in the creative environment I designed myself is the perfect job for me. I am grateful that I have this opportunity.

With this in mind, I wish you a loving and creative one year 2018 with impulses that encourage learning and further development Bee Mohr.