How long have wedding dresses been white?

The color of the wedding dress

Always? No, wedding dresses have not always been white. Because that too wedding dress has its own story to tell. When brides from the middle and lower classes said yes at the beginning of the 20th century, it was in the so-called Sunday best.

Now many of you will wonder what is a Sunday best? It is the most beautiful dress that could be found in the wardrobe, mostly it was a corresponding costume that was represented in the local region.

Wedding dresses in white and ivory

The time had come in the 1920s

It was not until the 1920s that future brides were allowed to enjoy a white wedding dress. Meanwhile, white is the color of the Wedding Dresses. Not only in Europe, but also the entire western world is wrapped in white. This color stands for virginity and purity. Which was taken very strictly in earlier times.

You know the old yellowed ones Wedding photos all too good, but why do so many brides wear black? This question is very easy to answer, because until well into the 20th century, many women who were in joyous anticipation would have to appear in black dress in front of the altar.

Hard to imagine nowadays

Because in our time, your own children scatter flowers and mum is beautiful Bride in white takes pleasure in it. The White bridal veil is closely related to the classic white dress.

A custom that has been preserved to this day

The bride is proudly led to the altar by the hand of the father. The effective veil covers your face. Only next to the groom is the veil lifted. There used to be the following secret behind it: The “power of disposal“Via the bride passed from father to husband. The veil was intended to cover the future wife like a precious gift.

Getting married in a white wedding dress