New press page at Beemohr

Beemohr news for January 2020

Already on January 02.01.20nd, XNUMX we opened our page in new design relaunched. We've been on press pages in the paper since 2007 and there have been quite a few Milestones. On the occasion of our latest publication in the wedding magazine, our Press page newly revised - clear and informative.

Here you will find a summary of what was and is new at Beemohr from 2007 until today.

Press page

Beemohr press page - in the newspaper

We can also welcome a new knitter

The story of Beemohr and the introduction of our team can also be found on our website.

Knitters and news at Beemohr Knitting for Weddings

A big topical issue is advancing ours US side. We launched it in spring 2019 and there is still a lot of potential for more Brides to be reached worldwide. We are addressing women from English-speaking countries such as: USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, England and more.

Wool - the search for the perfect IVORY

Almost a constant occupation, it is the best wool for ours Bridal jackets and Bridal sweater to find. In addition to the quality, the color is important here. It shouldn't get too creamy and pure white, also rarely fits.

Most brides wear a bright one ivory - colored wedding dress and for that an almost white - light ivory colored one fits Jacket. Our products are available in ivory or off white. This fits most wedding dresses.

This color can be found at a few wool suppliers. This is a wool that was well suited, but no longer exists. That happens again and again, the wool fits well, but at some point it is no longer available. The search for the perfect Wool is also fun and I keep learning new things.

ivory for bridal jackets and sweaters
Baby alpaca with silk for bridal jackets