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Artikel: My winnings establishing Minimalism into my life

I am a minimalist and like it

My winnings establishing Minimalism into my life

In the previous blog I wrote about how I became a minimalist. Here I would like to continue the first article and show where I could win everywhere.

In addition to the listed items, I have several bags of small items - from individual cups on decoration to no longer worn things - sorted out. I do that today. Another simplification of life is the termination of subscriptions, contracts and expensive hobbies.
Frei sein Be free

Abolition of unnecessary liabilities

  1. TV connection terminated, that is already 3 years ago, the TV program including advertising, I just did not feel it as enrichment. At the moment I have an Amazon subscription, but only at the request of my roommates :-) I myself am very happy with Youtube and Mediatheken. I would even have the TV removed.
  2. Fixed landline terminated, I only used my phone.
  3. Change of my mobile phone contract from Vodafone to Drillisch with a saving of 75%.
  4. I have reduced my home contents insurance to the bare minimum. You can even ask yourself if you need them at all. At least I do it. An insurance is always just a safeguard against the exception.
  5. I bought a smaller car and sold my bigger one. As often as possible I leave it and ride my bike.
  6. Exit from the exchange ring; the time spent here through services such as internet consulting, shopping, craftsmen, was much more expensive for me, as if I had bought something. That's why it did not make sense to me anymore.
  7. Sold my collection of knitting needle boxes.
  8. Not to forget, my change of residence from a much too expensive apartment to an affordable and even much nicer apartment with garden :-)
  9. In the course of the minimalism and beginnings of avoiding packaging, I could change from a 40 L ton (which I basically never used) to a 20 L garbage bin.

With all these steps I have simplified and decelerated my life. The most important thing for me is that I have gained time for things that I really enjoy doing. And the less I have to entertain, the less I have to work for it. Time is so valuable. I enjoy working and I prefer to work when I know I do not have to.

It's not that far yet, but that's my goal.

Advantages summarized

  • I save a lot of money & time.
  • Cleaning is much easier.
  • When used, you are less concerned with breaking them.

Thoughts on living

Living is the biggest issue for most. And if you deal with the subject of minimalism, then you come automatically to alternative living variants, such as the Tiny Houses.

Tiny Houses für alternatives und natürliches Leben

Living with less things and place

There are more and more people moving into small houses. Where it is more widespread in America and much more out of necessity. In Germany it is the hardest to find a palce for the mobile home. But even that could be found, if you want. Mobile Homes have a certain weight and are on wheels, so that you can spend some time in Florida and then move to another place and you take your house with you.

This is a huge advantage over an immobile big house. In addition, a mobile home is more affordable. However, you also have to calculate this. There are beautiful Tiny Houses. I often look at reports.

If you want to know more about minimalism, I recommend these channels:

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