In the middle of the ball season

Festive dresses simple and extravagant

Now it's that time again, the ladies turn into Cinderellas and the gentleman becomes the old-school gentleman again in a tuxedo and bow tie. Everyone, no matter if man or woman, now wants to be from head to toe dress again and  Float stylishly across the parquet.

Strong colors mix up this ball season. Blue and metallic tones are very popular this year. But not only these colors stand out, from pink to blackberry everything is allowed, the lady is also right with a stylish fir green.

Voluminous dresses are in demand

With them are the Cinderellas 2019 stylishly dressed. We are happy to fall back on tulle dresses or tulle backing. But the mermaid style is more in demand than ever. Splendid dresses call for subtle and simple Accessories. The bolero or the jacket can be cut simply and score with a soft color.

Bolero in gray for the festive occasion