Cashmere in soft pastel colors for bridal sweaters and bridal jackets

Cashmere with silk for your bridal outfit

Pastel colors, especially a delicate pink tone, are all the rage this year for weddings. That's why I've added to my cashmere palette and now there are also some summer colors.

Here is a selection for you. On each product you will see a cashmere selection and can choose your desired color.

 Cashmere jacket for boho and vintage weddings knitted pink Knitted cashmere bolero in light blue for boho and vintage weddings Knitted cashmere bolero in sunny yellow for boho and vintage weddings Knitted cashmere bolero in white and cream for boho and vintage weddings

How about a bright, sunny yellow for your bridal sweater?

Just recently a Japanese bride had a short sleeve bolero knitted in this beautiful light yellow. Some brides have one Bridal sweater selected from light blue cashmere. This year the delicate pink is very popular.

Bridal sweater made of cashmere in light blue

What makes cashmere special?

The cashmere we knit is a delicate and soft wool. I chose this wool because it was the softest I found and one Bridal jacket a little thinner wonderful to a wedding dress or Bridal skirt fits. This cashmere is reinforced by a silk thread that gives the jacket or the Bridal sweater Stability.

Those who are very sensitive to the skin should use this wool. For a sweater like the one shown above, we knitted 5 balls of wool. If you click on the picture, you come to the PARIS model. For me this color combination has something of "Anna & Elsa". Why? The white reminds me of the snow and the light blue of frozen ice.

Another Bridal sweaterwe from cashmere have knitted, the model is CLOE. Knitted in pure white, with a beautiful lace pattern at the end of the arm.

White cashmere sweater for brides

A delicate and shimmering bridal sweater, here in white. The white goes not only with white wedding dresses and skirts, it also goes with ivory-colored dresses, so that the skin shimmers through a little.

By the way, we knit hand knitting yarns. These yarns are softer and not pre-treated, so the sweater does not have to be washed. 

Will a cashmere sweater or jacket survive the wedding party?

Sure, of course! Basically is cashmere like a second skin or as if you were dipping into a bubble bath, wonderfully pleasant and discreet. Knitted cashmere is soft and breathable, even when dancing, no Switzerland will accumulate.

After your wedding, it can be enough if you hang your sweater in the fresh air to ventilate. If washing is necessary, then wash your cashmere piece by hand - in the sink, at no more than 30 degrees. Then wring it out lightly and then dry it flat. So you have something from your cashmere sweater for a long time.

Is there a bolero that shows my wedding dress?

Yes! A lot of wedding dress shows the model Lu. It is also very versatile. This scarf can be twisted into a nice knot in the back or worn open. The arms are falling further here. On request, we can also knit LU with narrow sleeves.

Knitted cashmere bridal scarf for boho weddings knit cotoure Knitted cashmere bridal throw for boho weddings knit cotoure Bridal scarf knitted from cashmere for boho weddings white and ivory

In the picture with the sleeve, the arm shimmers through, the delicate knitting pattern can be clearly seen here. With this model your dress can be seen in full splendor and the bolero serves as a small warming accessory.

For very romantic brides there is also a knitted bolero Heart. The hearts run around the cuffs. That adds a little detail to the bridal jacket; the symbol of the wedding. Here comes Luna.

Knitted hearts for the bridal jacket made of cashmere in white and ivory

Also this one Bolero covers only part of the back, shoulders and arms. Just as much that you won't freeze in church or in the park.

Whether cashmere or baby alpaca; knitted jackets harmonize wonderfully with wedding dresses and bridal skirts. A combination of different materials is pleasing to the eye and is comfortable to wear.

We leave you with yours Wedding don't freeze 😎.