Your wedding invitations in beautiful calligraphy

Wedding invitations are like the starting thread of a fine yarn

With this start you already determine the character of your wedding. Here you have already chosen your location and you know in which registry office or church you will get married.

With all these details of your wedding together, you can create and send out your invitations. So everyone can keep their big day clear.

Wedding invitations are often what their guests keep. And probably even more so if it's a very special invitation. Handwritten invitations are something special these days and look classy. 

You can write them yourself, do handicrafts or order them online. Or let them write ...


Writing invitation cards for the wedding 

In calligraphy - calligraphic - Writing is my second passion and I like to write your save the date cards, wedding invitations, thank you cards, place cards or menu cards for you. Here is an example.

I write in colored ink and crayon, with the ink font being my favorite. Feel free to write if you are interested in handwritten invitation cards:

Otherwise there are some providers on the Internet, e.g. Vistaprint I use it myself for my advertising cards and thank you cards.

We knit for brides and weddings

I hope you enjoy your wedding preparations Sabine Mohr.