Wedding and bridal lingerie what goes with your wedding dress?

Wedding and bridal lingerie

All looks stick to the Dress of the bride. There is a puzzle in advance, what does it look like? Is it tainted with delicate lace or did a tulle fashion dream come true? But just as important as the dress is what the bride wears underneath.

Luxury down to the smallest detail

Because good lingerie helps wedding dress to really come into its own and thus skillfully enhance the dress. Then why should luxury be reserved for the wedding dress only? The underwear also deserves a little exclusivity.

Because they perfectly shape the bride's body and correct small blemishes if necessary. Who believes that Bridal fashion only includes the dress, which is immensely wrong. Because the "overall package" has to be coherent and this also includes seductive underwear, the only one groom may see.

Bridal lingerie and garters

The bra - the ingenious support

Because the bra. brings out the décolleté of its wearer effectively. He lifts and supports. He provides more abundance when needed.

The lingerie on the wedding day should be made of smooth fabrics. They flatter the skin and remain discreetly in the background. While the seams of lace and decoration can chafe and attract attention through the delicate fabric of the dress.

It is clear which color is chosen for the lingerie. Of course knows! If the fabric of the wedding dress is too thin, skin-colored sub-requests should be used. Because it makes itself invisible, as it should be.