Weddings and customs go hand in hand

Marriage looks back on centuries of tradition

There are correspondingly many customs. Some are already an integral part of it Wedding ceremony. Some customs should newlyweds protect from harm. Others, on the other hand, are supposed to guarantee the newly wedded couple happiness, love, loyalty, fertility and health. Some traditions change their meaning, some customs are forgotten. But time and again new customs are added to the old ones. An age-old ritual that just doesn't work on anyone Wedding may be missing is the legendary ...

Bride dance

But not in the conventional form as we all know it. It used to happen that all men dared to dance a little dance with the bride before midnight. Each dance partner gave the bride a small donation and this money was used to pay for the music.

Wedding dance for the newlywed bride and groom

Bridal bouquet - throw

Who does not know it? This custom has a long tradition. All unmarried women are lined up in a row and then they are allowed to bride show how well she can throw. The lady who catches the bridal bouquet will be the next to walk to the altar. So if you want to enter the safe haven of marriage, the lineup is a must for you.

Throwing the bridal bouquet: who is the nights?

The sheet heart

A heart is drawn on a bed sheet. After that, will bride and groom hand over a pair of blunt scissors and you can start cutting. Then the two are allowed to climb through the hole that has been created. The groom carries his Bride by the heart through.

The morning gift

A very attentive custom and a nice gesture in which the bride receives a present from her husband and wife. The gift will be the morning after Wedding presented. As the year is 2013, soon to be 2014, it is not uncommon for the groom to receive a present too. It is said to bring happiness in the marriage if the morning gift is placed under the respective pillow.

Now four of myriad customs have been taken up. Perhaps you also remember an original one Wedding ritual, Then let us know.

Customs and traditions for the wedding