Getting married in summer, winter, autumn or spring: the main thing is to be warm

The year 2020 has not made getting married easy

Until the beginning of March Weddings to be organized and planned, many future ones Brides have probably been looking forward to their dream wedding in summer or autumn. Then in March suddenly there was talk of a virus called Corona and overnight getting married was no longer that easy.

Many rules have emerged; Weddings with 10 people, weddings only with the bride and groom and then also with a mask, later up to 50 people were allowed to celebrate again, but with one Corona distance from 1,5 m. That means no dancing and no buffet. So those were rather very quiet weddings. What's best in a situation like this?

How can I get married in Corona weddings?

Many have theirs Wedding in the fall postponed or right into the next year. Some couples have extremely scaled down their wedding reception because they did not want to postpone it.

Today, on October 29.10.20th, 10 it is unfortunately not allowed to celebrate again or at least no more than XNUMX people and then only from two households are allowed to meet. A rather small wedding celebration and only at home. All Restaurants are again from November 02.11.20nd, XNUMX closed.

Maybe you could get one Rent a caravan, get married and go on tour straight away for your honeymoon. After all, traveling with a caravan is trendy due to Corona.

Getting married in a caravan & honeymoon

Knit sweaters and jackets for 2021?

From my point of view, it can only get better if I expect some changes, I could well imagine that the cash will no longer exist. But that doesn't exactly belong to the new Wedding year. Hopefully, celebrations can then take place again as usual. We already have our new one this year Bridal collection for the year 2021 designed, knitted and photographed.

No matter what time of year and where you are heiraten, for all occasions we have as well as light ones Cardigans and Sweater as well as slightly thicker and warmer models. For our models we use high quality hand knitting yarns made from baby alapaka, silk, cashmere, merino and mohair.

Models from the new knitwear collection 

Oversize bolero in white for winter and autumn weddings Bridal sweater knitted from mohair in white

Knitted sweaters for weddings without corona Bridal skirt with sweater made of pure cashmere by Beemohr

Fall wedding with a fluffy knitted sweater Bolero made of light wool knitted for brides

Bridal cardigan warm and soft knitted for the wedding dress Cream cashmere sweater for getting married in New York