Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, bride

Something blue & something borrowed

An old custom that almost no bride can escape. But where does this custom come from, did you, as the bride-to-be, ask yourself this question when putting the matter together?

This old custom was shipped over to us from England.

  • Something old
  • something new
  • something borrowed
  • something blue

This emotional tradition dates back to Queen Victoria, no matter how an incorrigible romantic.

Something old - a family jewelry is usually used here.

Bridal sweater made of cashmere in light blue

How about Grandma's pearl necklace?

Grandma must be very proud.

Something new - The wedding dress and the matching bolero are mainly new acquisitions. The new phase of life is brought to the fore in a targeted manner.

Something borrowed - How about with a smart handkerchief from your father? Because tears are just part of the day, like red rose petals.

Something blue - The color blue stands for loyalty and purity. In most cases, a subtle, blue garter belt is allowed to hide under the wedding dress.

The penny in the shoe should not be forgotten

What many brides do not know, however, is that the traditional saying has not yet come to an end. This proverb is only complete after the above four components have been listed with “and a penny in her shoe”. A small cent, which can definitely tweak, is (how should it be otherwise) responsible for the windfall.

Many brides may find old customs a bit out of date. Others love it. How do you feel about this as a future bride?