A married couple sticks together

Every bridal couple wants eternal loyalty and love

Today I would like to go on a short journey through time with you, dear ladies. We write June 11, 1949, that is the date on which an elderly couple of mine, who are friends, met Yes word and promised eternal loyalty. The promise made 65 years ago has been kept to this day.

It was like that back then ...

In the afternoon, an excursion to the imperial city of Bad Ischl was on the program. In the evening the music played for the dance. For Wedding feast a calf was specially slaughtered. The Schöberl soup was rancid and couldn't be eaten, but otherwise everything was almost perfect that day, recalls Max, who recently celebrated his 90th birthday.

Even then there was a white dress for the bride

His wife's white dress was made by a local seamstress. His brother brought his suit from France, Max indicated. One honeymoon did not exist for the two sprightly pensioners. We have never sat on an airplane, have never seen the sea, but it's beautiful here too, Margaretha takes it easy.

Wedding with bridal jacket 2019 love forever

Stick together and get along again quickly

Max and Margaretha leaf through an old photo album on the terrace of their house, in which they also find the picture of theirs Wedding on June 11, 1949. When I asked if she was a secret recipe for young Married couples Margaretha replies: We didn't always agree, you don't have to, but you have to get along quickly and find solidarity, that's the most important thing.

When I asked what they would like for the future, Max replied: We want to have a few more happy years together! I wish you so from the bottom of my heart and so do you.