Baptism with its customs

The baptism and special ideas about it

I'm in the middle of it right now Baptism preparations. I will be the godmother of little Mariella! An honorable task that you can call roller skate wants to be served as best as possible. After all, you accompany the little girl from birth, watch her grow up and develop.

The big day - the day of baptism together

The day of baptism is eagerly awaited! But there are still many who have to do it first Vorbereitungen to be hit. And above all: what gift do I give her? A Baptismal chain, a Christening candle and a children's Bible are common Christening giftsthat are gladly presented. But is that really all? Or shouldn't I be a bit more creative? Yes i should!

Dress for christening girl dress

Homemade gifts for baptism

Homemade things are always considered to be very special. So why not grab a needle and thread yourself and let your own ideas guide you? It's easy to imagine that she looks like a little princess in her christening gown. But enchanting accessories should not be missing for the big baptism day. A smart hat and little shoes are easy to knit, they are unique, like the little girl herself. Her head will be surrounded by soft wool and her little feet will be caressed by the selected and fluffy material.

Festively dressed, I will bring her to the baptism on the big day and promise I will be by your side. I will be proud when I look into her big eyes, which look at the world with curious eyes.