Communion - dresses for girls

Communion - a great day for girls

... is a crucial day for children that needs to be celebrated so that it serves as a nice memory. 
The believing community solemnly welcomes the child for the second time. The first time at the christening party, the child was still a baby. 
But meanwhile it's allowed to go to school and that Communion is an important step in young life.

Feel the protecting hand
A life that is rich in imagination and new ideas. A life that is accompanied by lightness, fresh momentum and playful skill. 
On the big day of the Communion allowed to every communion child Dress chic and let its childlike charm play out. 
Because today it will feel the protective hand over itself.

Little girls grow up ...

Flower child dress for girls

The occasion of communion shows it
For little girls, the big dream comes true: they can be princesses for one day.
Wrap yourself in a magical white dress and a bolero makes the look of the little heartbreaker perfect.
The material of the bolero is cuddly soft and it skilfully caresses the delicate skin of children.

The habit and communion
Many children wear a habit over their clothes during the church ceremony.
Then of course the question arises, is a white floor-length Dress appropriate at all or shouldn't the matching summer dress, which also fits later, be preferred? 

dresses are colorful and lively designed so that each GIRLS Likes it. In addition, this summer dress can be used again and again later.

With a white communion dress the girl is allowed to realize her dream one day. 

With a colorful printed dress But it sets new accents and the childlike nature is skillfully brought forth.