A wedding dress remains a wedding dress

Everyone knows the well-known tongue twister: a wedding dress remains a wedding dress and red cabbage remains red cabbage. But when it comes to your own wedding dress, you no longer feel like joking, because your own wedding dress should be perfect and harmonious. Therefore we are again introducing 3 enchanting models.

Mermaid wedding dress

Mermaids not only kiss better, they are also wonderful to look at in their wedding dress.
The mermaid-style dress is skin-tight and flared from the knees down. A train always looks great with these clothes. This model is made for brides who have grown tall. Because the silhouette is effectively emphasized here. The mermaidwedding dress is figure-hugging, the curves of the bride are so skilfully staged and the feminine side of her is perfectly highlighted.

The chic two-piece

The name already suggests that this dress consists of two separate pieces of clothing, namely a corset and a skirt. The cut of the corsage is usually longer and usually covers the waistband of the skirt. This two-piece suit is perfect for the bride with narrow shoulders, because the corsage hugs the upper body elegantly. In addition, a two-piece suit can always be effectively combined with one another. Either tone on tone or that bride shows courage to use color. The chic two-piece suit does it.

Elegant elegance thanks to the case dress

Sheath dresses do not need lavish embellishments such as pearls and embroidery. They impress with their elegance, their modern look and their simplicity. A beautiful silhouette can be achieved with the case dress in the H-line, because it is tight-fitting up to the legs. This cut is great for little brides because it skilfully stretches. Slim, vital women who have no small problem areas like to use such a model.

A bolero jacket always fits

No matter which model you choose, remember to have a smart one Bolero jacket flatters everyone wedding dress and makes the bride's look perfect.