Bridal sweaters: a popular companion to the wedding dress and bridal skirt

Knitted sweaters for the wedding are very popular

Bridal sweater I've been in my collection for about 3 years. From the beginning, brides and guests liked to order them. I started with a few sweaters - knitted in different patterns:

  • stockinette right
  • in lace pattern
  • cross-knitted

Here is a selection of the first models

Lace sweater by Beemohr knitted for your wedding Bridal sweater knitted from cashmere CLOE for your bridal skirt by Beemohr

Two Bridal sweaterthat are wonderful too Bridal skirts made of silk and tulle fit. Here the model is wearing a skirt in off-white, both cashmere white, and the sweater in ivory go well with it.

The Cashmere sweater is softer and more transparent. A small lace edge is knitted into the arms. Our sweaters often have small and special details, like the one here Lace Edge. It can also be a crocheted hem or a little mouse-tooth finish as with our jacket Helena.

Cashmere and baby alpaca with silk

The special thing about our bridal sweaters is also the one used Wool. I've been looking for that for a long time. My own Bridal jacket I have mohair knitted. This wool is not suitable for everyone equally, the future ones are Brides more sensitive, then mohair can scratch. In addition, there is a bit of fluff.

The cashmere and baby alpaca is that different; the wool is soft and lint should not, the look of the sweaters and jackets is perfect for wedding dresses and skirts. The color also fits perfectly. There isn't a lot of woolen qualities that actually go to ivory or does he know Wedding Dresses fit.

☺ I will be from my Woll supplier THE WHITE CUSTOMER called ☺

Here are more sweaters for brides:

Bridal sweater knitted from alpaca cashmere and silk for vintage wedding Lace knit sweater in white, ivory and cream for your boho wedding

The model Kathy is cut in the classic pattern and knitted in the lace pattern. If desired, I can change the neckline and add, for example, a V-neckline in the front or the back area - depending on of the company bride.

Are you looking for a sweater with a lower back?

Chilly bridal sweater with extra large back neckline knitted by Beemohr Wedding sweater COCO with deep V - neckline for wedding dresses and skirts

You can find even more bridal sweaters under the heading Bridal sweater.