Super heat 2018: short-sleeved bolero for the wedding in summer?

It's so hot this summer

... that you can hardly work. Of course, no future bride thinks of one either Bridal jacket.

I can hardly think myself in the heat and a wedding with a jacket is a long way off. And I look forward to any future bridewho just ordered something to pull over from me.

The last Summer It was quite warm in May and the rain started in June. I don't want to wish us that. It is easy to imagine, however. So better take precautions:

Short sleeve bolero for summer weddingsCashmere bolero with short sleeves for the bride

A lightly knitted jacket is well suited for the church or registry office. At a Short sleeve jacket you can wear bracelets and bracelets well. For the evenings there is a Jacket always a good idea.

Personally, I like it sleeveless, like the model Jenny.

Sleeveless bridal vest in off white

Speaking of personal - I use the somewhat slower ordering time to knit new hand-knitted bolero and for myself I knit a super-coarse jacket long and loose - so far I just haven't had the time :-)

The cooler time is coming, choose theirs Bridal jacket in your desired color in white, ivory, pink, Light Blue, lilac and more.

Even if you cannot imagine it at the moment - with an outside temperature of 30 degrees:

We leave you with hers Wedding don't freeze!

their Bee Mohr.