When I knitted my first bridal bolero ...

As is so often the case in life, MUCH is based on the famous coincidence.

It was the same with Bee Mohr ordered. In addition, my very personal story ...

Let them tell you

In 2005, Cupid meant me very well and I met my husband. The surprise came a year later the marriage proposal. Of course I wanted to marry my dream prince.

And like every woman, I had the childhood dream of one day being a princess. And a princess wears a beautiful dress and a matching jacket. So I went on my way and rattled everyone Wedding shops in and around Hamburg.

No Bridal shop was more secure from me. I really wanted to put my plan to be the most beautiful into practice. The matching wedding dress was found quickly, only the right jacket was nowhere to be found. I didn't want a bolero that had the charm of a uniform. I was also able to do without a curtain style.

Where's my matching bridal bolero?

Where was he hiding? A question that even the laborious search for him could not answer. But by chance I found it gorgeous soft kid mohair wool in the hands. I knew from the first attack what it would be like my bride bolero.

Knit my own bridal jacket: YES

My own creation of a bridal jacket can be created. After a short time, the needles made of fine wool began to crackle a beautiful Bridal jacket let arise. My Wedding outfit was perfect, my own princess look was created. Thanks to my dexterity. On the big day of the Wedding I was admired from all sides for it. My dream came true. Which established itself as its own company just a year later.