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wool box for knitting your jacket and cardigan
wool box for knitting your sweater and bolero
surprise box for knitting your sweater and bolero
3 balls of wool box for knitting your sweater and bolero
Present for you: wool, knit instruction, knots, egg warmer

Wool Box with 3 balls of different yarns - Surprise Box

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Surprise Wool Box for little knitting projects

3 balls of Yarn
This box provides you with different qualities of wool. You might knit:

  • cuffs
  • egg warmer
  • cords
  • or little dolls

I have a big storage filled up with wool. From this storage I'll choose 3 differnt yarns with 75 gram. This might be:

★ Merino
★ Mohair
★ Angora
★ Baby Alpaka
★ Alpaka Silk
★ Other

My knot compilation: I once attended a handicraft exhibition. Amongst wool and fabrics - lot's of knots were avialable. I could not resist and bought a lot for future clothes I might be knitting or sewing.

knots in a glass for knitting and sewing
Do you love surprises? In this case you might choose in the drop down "surprise" and I will add something for craft's work into your basket. This might be:
  • Wool
  • Sewing Crafts
  • Knitting Needles
  • Knitted Accessory
  • Knit Instruction
  • And more ...
Take a look around our shop, we offer a colorful variety of wool, buttons and knit kits - everything you need for handicrafts.