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Bridal Garter for your wedding ivory
Bridal Garter for your wedding white
Bridal Garter for your wedding ivory and blue
Bridal Garter for your wedding ivory and cream
Bridal Dessous: Garter for your wedding ivory

Pair of garter for your wedding or your hennen night

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Garter as a couple in blue & white

One for the bride one for the wedding tradition. Garters are made of elaborately crafted lace in cream - blue and white - blue decorated. On the lace band a narrow silk bow is placed in the middle.

The romantic cream-colored ribbon is tied to a small rose. Classic and beautiful. A beautiful and mysterious garter is just part of the bridal outfit. It wears wonderfully and will surprise her groom.

Unless you follow the following custom: The groom throws the garter into the bachelor's crowd, just as the bride does with her bridal bouquet. For this you will find two garters, which you can easily order together. So you can keep your garter and wear it for the whole wedding day and pick it up for later remembrance or sharing.

You can choose the colors for this garter - pair

  • White
  • cream
  • blue
  • height

    Characteristics of the garter 

    1. Height: 6 cm

    2. Size: uni

    3. Material: 100% nylon