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Lace knit bolero for brides in ivory
Lace knit bolero for brides in ivory and cream
Lace knit bolero for brides for tull skirts
Lace knit bolero for brides and tull skirts
Lace Bolero made with soft wool
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Lace knit bolero for brides in ivory and rose
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Happy bride with knit bolero
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Wedding knit bolero for brides in ivory
Jewlery and bridal knit bolero
Cashmere Bolero made with cream wool
Bolero jacket rose soft and light
Baby Alpaca wool for a knit bolero jacket

Lace Bolero FLAKE knitted in an unique pattern for brides

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Bridal coverup knitted in a light lace pattern

Look through bolero jacket. It is light, soft and a little piece around you. Due to the special knitting, the pattern looks like a 3D pattern. The stitches to towards the hole rise - beautifully.

♛ With this coverup you will feel warm and pleasantly surrounded ♛

It is slightly loose and falls down till the waist. The hem is embroidered to give good stability.

This knit bolero can be worn even after your wedding, whether to an evening dress or even your all-day jeans. With this wedding jacket you can always think back to your wedding day and reminisce. 

The special feature of this bolero:

  • Lace pattern in 3D optics
  • Knitted towards waist
  • Slightly loose
  • Embroidered hem


The first model wears size 6 and normally is size 4. 

    Customer adjustments

    • in your favoured colour
    • with long sleeves


    Baby Alpaca ivory is suitable for ivory - colored wedding dresses, the cream is a light cream. Cashmere ivory is a strong cream.

    Picture: The bolero shown is knitted in IVORY.


    • CASHMERE: 70% Cashmere, 25% Silk, 5% Merino and
    • Baby Alpaca: 70% baby alpaca, 30% silk

    How was the jacket knitted?

    We knit in Germany in small knit studios. This jacket was knitted from a hand knitting yarn. No previous washing required.