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Surprise yarn box for knitting
Surprise wool box for knitting
Surprise diy wool box for knitting
different balls for knitting mohair
Baby Alpaca wool pink
range of wool for your knitting projects
merino wool for knitting surprise
stay at home wool for knitting order online

Surprise box with 4 different balls of fine yarn for knitting

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Knit Box: containing 4 balls of wool for your knitting projects

Let's surpricse yourself with this knit box ☺ We will collect some special yarns for you.

With only one ball you are able to knit some usefull pieces:

★ Egg-Warmer

★ Cords for presents

★ Cuffs

★ Bracelets

★ Clothes for bears or dolls

The box might contain these qualities

  • 4 balls with at least 25 Gr.
  • Kid Mohair
  • Merino
  • Fluffy phantasy yarn
  • Baby Alpaca
  • Whatever wool is new in our knit atelier

See my knit place with wool and my box of knitting needles.

Wool for knitting mohair, merino, alpaca