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Heat tranfer stricker for jeans jacket
bridal jeans jacket with print

Heat transfer stricker for jeans jacket or t-shirt with writing

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DIY Accessory for Brides

You can iron this film onto denim jackets or T-shirts. The lettering is white without a background.

  • White lettering
  • Dimensions: w: 24 cm, h: 21 cm

How to use?

  • Iron only on cotton fabrics.
  • Choose a hard, heat-resistant surface.
  • Place the motif so that the side to be displayed is visible.
  • Your textile model must be wrinkle-free, place the motif on it as you would like it to be.
  • Put on parchment paper or a light fabric.
  • Adjust the iron to cotton and linen, max. 165 degrees, turn off the steam.
  • Iron on the sticker with pressure on all points, move the iron evenly, iron on for up to 1.5 minutes.
  • Tear off the foil.
  • It's done.


  • Hand wash at 30 °
  • Do not wash in the washing machine