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Wedding knit cardigan for Brides in USA
Wedding knit cardigan for Brides in USA ivory
Wedding knit cardigan for Brides in USA white and ivory
Wedding knit jacket for Brides in USA
Wedding knit bolero for Brides in autumn and winter
Wedding knit cardigan for Brides made of soft cashmere wool
Bridal knit cardigan for Brides made of soft cashmere wool
Mimi mit goldenen Knöpfen mit Krone gefertigt für Bräute
Wedding Fashion: knit cardigan for Brides made of soft cashmere wool
Wedding knit cardigan for Brides with knots golden and white
Cashmere Cardigan red, purple, lilac black for festive moments
Cashmere Colour Chart for jackets
Colour chart baby alpace with silk for bridal cardigan
Colour Chart Angora for your festive cardigan

Bridal Bolero with knots MIMI in white and ivory like Kate Middleton

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Bride jacket or not is the big question

Even in summer, nobody knows whether it will be warm, windy or even raining. YES most brides like to show their wedding dress pure and in full splendor. Nobody wants to freeze at their own wedding.

You are on the sure site with a warm jacket, a beautiful accessory in the church or in the registry office. As soft as possible without scratching you are well protected at your wedding.

This jacket is cut straight and slightly waisted. The cardigan can be closed with buttons in the front area.

And in addition you can choose their buttons:

  • Pearl buttons or
  • Golden buttons with a crown


The length of the jacket is in the back about 45 cm in the size 8, otherwise 2 cm more or less, depending on size.

The model is 1.85m tall and wears size 6. That's why the jacket looks shorter, in fact it's a bit longer, the arms of our jackets are knitted a bit longer by default.

What distinguishes this jacket:

  • Buttons of your choice in the front area
  • Classically slightly waisted cut
  • skin-friendly and warming
  • can be worn open and closed
  • Kate Winslet wore a similar jacket at her wedding
  • Cashmere and baby alpaca for your wedding

Customer adjustments

  • 3/4 sleeves and front and back length
  • Buttons: choose between pearl and queen buttons


The white is a snow white and the cashmere cream a strong cream. Baby Alpaca off white is suitable for ivory - colored wedding dresses, the cream is a light cream.

All jackets except white and cream we knit on customer request for you.


Choose your desired material

  • CASHMERE: 70% Cashmere, 25% Silk, 5% Merino and
  • BABY ALPAKA MIX: 35% merino, 30% baby alpaca, 30% silk, 5% cashmere
  • ANGORA: 70% angora, 30% silk

How was the jacket knitted?

We knit distributed in Germany in small knit studios. This jacket was knit in a double-needle knit yarn. No previous washing required.