Bridal knit cardigan with wide sleeves from Beemohr
Knit cardigan for brides made with soft wool
Knit sweater for wedding inspration
wedding jacket made with cashmere and silk for brides
bridal jacket made with cashmere and silk for brides
wedding jacket made with soft yarn and silk for brides
Bridal cardigan with lace and knots for weddings
Colour chart cashmere for bridal sweater lace
Colour Chart Alpaca with silk for your knit wedding cardigan
Cashmere jacket knitted for your bridal skirt white
Cashmere jacket knitted for your bridal skirt cream
Cashmere jacket knitted for your bridal skirt rose
Cashmere jacket knitted for your bridal skirt sun yellow

Bridal knit cardigan FINA made with wide sleeves and knots

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Wedding jacket knitted in a classical plain pattern

A luxury elaborately knitted lace pattern made in Germany. Due to the special knitting, the pattern looks like a 3D pattern. A look through pattern. The jacket sits slightly loose around the waist. This jacket is the perfect compliment to a bridal skirt.

♛ Light cardigan for your wedding ♛

Bridal knit cardigan, a cover for boho bridal, winter wedding, spring wedding and autamn wedding.

Bridal cardigan is a unique piece for a windy weather wedding day. It helps you to stay warm and be stylish.
This warm and soft knitted cover up in a light ivory color will perfectly suit your wedding dress

Knitting in our knit studio in Germany

😍 We knit in our knit atelier in the north of Germany with high quality luxurious wool. See more about the knitter's team here.

This wedding jacket can be worn even after your wedding, whether to an evening dress or even your all-day jeans. With this wedding jacket you can always think back to your wedding day and reminisce. Choose cashmere for your wedding and you will be cuddly warmed.

The special feature of this bolero:

  • Plain pattern
  • Slightly waisted cut
  • Can be worn open or closed
  • Cashmere for weddings


The model wears size 6 and is size 4. 

    Customer adjustments

    • in your favoured colour
    • with 3/4 sleeve


    The white is a snow white and the cashmere cream a strong cream. Baby Alpaca off white is suitable for ivory - colored wedding dresses, the cream is a light cream.

    All jackets except white and cream will be knitted on customer request for you.


    • CASHMERE: 70% Cashmere, 25% Silk, 5% Merino and
    • Baby Alpaca: 70% baby alpaca, 30% silk

    How was the jacket knitted?

    We knit in Germany in small knit studios. This jacket was knitted from a hand knitting yarn. No previous washing required.