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Strumpfband für die Hochzeit

Bridal garter in lace & silk white with some blue

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Garter made of elaborately crafted lace ...

traversed in white with blue silk ribbon. On the lace band is a narrow embroidered silk ribbon placed in the middle. The romantic white bow is tied to a small rose and gives the garter a romantic look.

Many customs are entwined with the mysterious garter of the bride. Should the mystery be revealed at the wedding reception, as the groom throws the garter into the bachelor crowd, just as the bride does with her bridal shower?

Or would you prefer to keep your seductive secret for the groom? In England, the hosiery is given away at the bachelorette party, the so-called Hennen Night, and presented later.

Bridal Garter

  • Color: white blue
  • Height: 6 cm
  • Size: uni
  • Material: 100% nylon