Knitting courses for children and adults

I've had the wish for a long time Kids & Adult fur das knitting inspire. I started knitting as a child when I was 10 years old. I enjoyed it and it's pretty much the only thing I've stayed at.

In the eighties I knitted beautiful motif sweaters, it actually started with a crochet sweater, crocheted from air and double crochet stitches, that was very popular in the eighties, and now even again. My most beautiful 80s sweater was knitted in pink, the silhouette of a woman's face knitted into the front, and the highlight was the hair; an almost real braid - with the braid technique and of course in pink ... the 80s trend.

Here is my favorite sweater at the time

My favorite sweater from the 80s

I found this sweater so beautiful that I even knitted it again for my twin sister.

Knitting courses

Now back to the topic of knitting. I implemented my project and gave a knitting course for children in elementary school some time ago. There I was able to teach the children the beauty of knitting. That was a lot of fun. Not all children have the patience for it, but some have a lot of fun with it and really get into their work while knitting.

You can start knitting very easily from the age of 8, some children even start earlier.

Learn to knit with Beemohr

Dates and dates

  • I form groups on request, please send an email to
  • The courses take place in my workshop in Buchholz idN
  • You are welcome to use wool from my wool collection
  • I usually start with a certain knitting model, based on the knitters' level of knowledge