Are you invited to a wedding or are you the bride-to-be?

1. The idea of ​​chocolate

The question is, what should you give? Many couples have a lot these days and even if they don't, you don't know what they really need. 

Imagine you schenken a super great one Vintage Dinnerware set ... and the couple are planning a 1-year trip around the world. Household matters are not up to date anyway. Money giving a gift is a good idea. Especially when the gift is nicely wrapped and decorated.

Now I have discovered a wonderful and original idea from the Lindt company. I am in love Lindt - one of the best in my eyes Chocolatethat are there. Since I don't live that far from Bremen, I occasionally drive to the shop and cover myself with delicious chocolate balls - my favorite is the whole milk chocolate.

A wonderful gift and who doesn't like chocolate. If the whole thing is a bit too small for you, you can also give away one of Lindt shares, so the joy is maybe even greater:
    • today on 06.07.18/6.525/5.600 the value is CHF XNUMX and EUR XNUMX
    • so you don't have to search long, here is the WKN: WKN: 870503 

There is also a smaller sister to this stock in case this gift seems a little too big to you.


2. The dinner for two

I think everyone likes to go out to eat: no cooking, no washing up and finally time for nice conversations. This Wedding gift will always be well received and the bride and groom will remember their wedding again.

Something very special; You can eat like in the sea here: 

With this candlelight dinner box you can choose between many restaurants where you would like to eat, your city is definitely one of them. Or are your friends crime fans, then the theater spectacle with the accompanying food is just the thing.

80 different adventure experiences

... here the couple can choose what they want, mydays has put together various adventures in 420 locations. A really adventurous gift, which is very original and will weld the couple together even more. You know; shared experiences connect even more.

Or are your friends wine lovers? Then the dinner with wine tasting is ideal Wedding gift. Red wine and white wine are tasted in a particularly romantic place and there is a delicious cheese platter with Serrano ham. My favorite.

3. The voucher just in case

If you want the couple to choose as much as possible, a voucher for Amazon can generally be a perfect gift. So you can order exactly what you need for your household or your happiness:

    • Dishes
    • Thermomix
    • Food subscription
    • Boring machine
    • bed linen
    • or whatever else you need as a young couple