The honeymoon for lovers

Or also called honeymoon, honey moon translated into German. According to stories, this custom originated in the Middle Ages. Accordingly, the first 4 weeks after the wedding are the cutest and the newlyweds enjoy this wonderful time with one or the other glass of honey wine.

The time after the wedding is compared to the moon phase:

... with the full moon the sweet affection is all-encompassing, with the waning moon the affection ebbs away a little and everyday life begins.

In Germany the wedding is celebrated extensively and the honeymoon starts the next day. You don't wait that long in the US. While the wedding guests are busy celebrating, the newlyweds go on their honeymoon.

Off to the honeymoon to relax and enjoy.

The 10 top honeymoon destinations

      • Caribbean
      • Seychelles
      • Maldives
      • Mauritius
      • Thailand
      • Arab Emirates
      • Balearic Islands
      • Barbados
      • Sardinia
      • Greece

A dream: the Maldives


The beach vacation

Snow-white beaches, crystal clear water, a mild breeze and only the sound of the sea can be heard ... the honeymoon could hardly look better than a dream. The flitter holiday is best enjoyed with all-round care:

        • Breakfast via room service
        • Let yourself be pampered in the spa
        • Swimming pool included
        • Dinner exclusively in the hotel or sometimes on the beach :-)
        • A cozy bar to end this wonderful day


The adventure vacation

Some couples don't like it organized, pack their rucksacks and just book the flight. There are also many options here:

      • Driving through Scotland
      • Cycling from pub to pub in Ireland
      • Fishing in Iceland
      • Adventure vacation in Norway
      • From motel to motel in the United States
      • Romantic hotel in Italy
      • Let yourself drift in India 

    Newly opened hotels can offer bargains

    I myself was in Greece - on Crete - with my newly married husband and young daughter. We had found a brand new hotel: 5 star and fantastically beautiful, right on the beach and, if requested, it was also served on the beach. Because the hotel was just opened, we could get ours honeymoon Book relatively cheap.