Bridal collection 2020

Every year we design new bridal jackets & bridal sweaters

We don't have fixed cycles. Since we are a small company, I basically always design when ideas sparkle or when a customer has a wish that also suits other brides. We do a shoot once a year. All models that I have designed throughout the year then come with me.

Braut Design in meinem Ateilier - Stricken für Bräute

How do we knit our bridal jackets and pullover?

In the beginning I used my own experiences during the wedding and asked myself about the design.

  • How much of the wedding dress do I want to show?
  • so it's still warm enough
  • should the wedding dress shimmer through?
  • Which wool is soft and comfortable to wear at a wedding?
  • Should the jacket be able to be closed?
  • What color is perfect?
  • pink, ivory, white, cream or maybe even red
In the meantime, I pay attention to the current wedding dress collections to design the best suiting bridal bolero.

We design bridal sweaters

A few years ago, the tulle skirt came into fashion for brides. We have designed some bridal sweaters to go with it. For example the Elly model.


At the moment I am working on our bridal collcetion for 2020. 

Find some impressions of my work whilst designing new modells in my knit atelier.

Brautcape - der erste Entwurf für 2019Brautüberwurf für Winterbräute und Herbstbräute 2019

Here I am working on a bridal cape knitted with thick and soft wool. To make sure it fits, I knit with contrast yarn so that I can check exactly how the model falls. Later I pick up the stitches again with the knitting needle. I draw the first model and calculate the knitting instructions according to the stitch sample.

Sometimes it fits immediately, but I usually make adjustments to the cut so that it fits perfectly for the wedding dress or the wedding skirt. 

Knitting for brides in my atelier
Knitting a baby blankettKnitting machine for wedding jackets


My work space in my knitting atelierDesign bridal jackets and pullover for USA and CANADABeemohr - we knit cashmere pullover andjackets for bridesMerino - pullover for your wedding