The choice of wedding rings

Finding and selecting the wedding rings is a beautiful part of the process Wedding preparations. The couple share a "little" project and make a common choice for the strongest symbol of the Marriage.

After all, the wedding rings are worn every day from the wedding.

Wedding rings are part of the wedding. In Germany it is worn on the ring finger of the right hand. Further south and east you wear the ring on the left - close to your heart.

The engagement ring and partner ring is also worn on the left hand. What happens to the engagement ring after the wedding can be found below in the text.

1. The material of the wedding rings   

Often that won't be the first question. The couple often asks themselves first:


And if you start with that, you can continue with more specific topics:

          • White gold, rose gold, yellow gold, rose gold, palladium or platinum

Compared to platinum has White gold the advantage that it is cheaper and, thanks to its softer texture, is easier to work with. Another advantage of white gold is that it does not discolour like silver does. Today, for these reasons, white gold is chosen more than the cheaper silver.

              • Or how about rings made of rose gold romantic and beautiful.

2. Which engravings or accessories suit us?

Once you've agreed on that, it's all about the look. One Engraving most bridal couples wish. Most of the time, the date and name are engraved, or a small, short saying or the date they met. 



2. With or without diamonds?

Depending on your taste and budget, you can too Diamonds be incorporated. Often the diamond is worked into the ladies ring. Here you can choose a single one in the middle - as is often seen with engagement rings or an attached row. Diamonds sparkle and are noble, that is what almost every woman likes.

And while we're on pepping up: Here you can still decide how high the gold content should be: 333, 385 or 750.

These numbers are printed on the jewelry and indicate the purity of the gold in hallmarks. The hallmark of 750 refers to per mille and means that 750 parts of 100 are gold, i.e. 75%.


3. Can I order my rings online?

The wedding ring configurator is practical, with which the ring width, thickness and material can be specified before ordering.

4. What do I do with the engagement rings?

Have you asked yourself this question many times, along with the question my friend will give me one Marriage proposal do and if how? Most of the time it turns out very differently than you imagine - as in so many things.

My husband asked me when I had absolutely no idea and hadn't expected it at all and even at home. It was so romantic with a thousand tea lights.

A Engagement ring was not there. What if you get an engagement ring? The engagement ring is worn on the left and according to custom it is simply repositioned from left to right for the wedding.

But there are also couples who keep this ring, put it on and it finds its place next to the ring finger.

5. How much can the wedding rings cost?

That's a good question, and this is more likely to come down to the agreement between the future married couple on than on the variable price decision.

This should already be predetermined by the current account balance.

Or you are in the lucky situation that mother, grandma or dad give you the wedding rings. In that case, I would choose wedding rings made of 950 platinum with diamonds.

Otherwise, some will want to spend more on rings that are made for a lifetime, others less. After all, such a ring can also be lost or become too tight.

My husband lost his ring on his honeymoon in the sea :-( And then we bought the exact same one again. Thank goodness it wasn't quite as expensive as the Straubing Ring.