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wedding knit sweater Sandy for your wedding in USA
Knit Pullover Bell for your wedding skirt or dress
Bridal knit sweater for weddings
Wedding knit sweater for your bridal gown
Wedding knit pullover apricot powder for your bridal gown
Wedding sweater apricot powder knitted for brides
Knit sweater vest made of cashmere in white and ivory blue
Colour chart baby alpace with silk for bridal sweater lace
Cashmere Colour Chart for bridal jumper

Wedding knit sweater SANDY knitted in a loose pattern with wider sleeves

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Wedding Sweater loosely knitted for your dress or skirt

We knitted a sweater with wider sleeve going down the waist. It is comfortably to wear and very soft to your skin. The wool we use let's you dance around without sweating. You even might only need to hang it outside instead of washing it.

The wool is nature hand knit yarn consisting of alpaca and silk or cashmere and silk. It does not contain any polyester or nylon.

♛ Kni sweater knitted: a handcrafted masterpiece♛

Knit Pullover suitung your wedding skirt. Combined with the Cashmere material you have a treasure for your wedding .

Bridal sweater with unique details:

  • 3 D lace patterns
  • Soft and breathable
  • With large V - neck at the back
  • Ends down the waist - rather wide
  • Pleasant on the skin
  • Pure cashmere for your wedding or a mix of baby alpaca

Customer adjustments

  • With long sleeves or 3/4
  • Length of the sweater
  • V-neck in the front


The white is a snow white and the Cashmere cream is a strong cream. Baby Alpaca off white is suitable for ivory - colored wedding dresses, the cream is a light cream. 


  • CASHMERE: 70% cashmere and 25% silk, 5% Merino
  • BABY ALPACA MIX: 70% Baby Alpaca, 30% Silk

    How was the jacket knitted?

    We knit in Germany in our knitting atelier. The sweater is knitted using cashmere or alpaca with silk with qualtiy yarns. It's a soft and comfortable to wear accessory for your wedding dress.  

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