Knitting for Brides in 2022: pullover, cardigan & jackets

Warm and soft bridal knit wear

I live and work in the north of Germany, just a 30 minutes drive from Hamburg away. Till last week it was very sunny and hot. Nobody needed a jacket or sweater. Now all of a sudden it gots windy and rainy. It's almost like autumn.

Now I have a lot of brides ordering sweater and jackets due to this weather change. Different models are favoured such as Elly, Wind and Sofie. All my knitters are knitting till dawn.

Me myself are knitting too as there are so many wishes for warming knit accessories. 

We knit for Brides in 2020
Good I have built up a team of some knitters. With Corona it was uncertain who it is going to be. At the moment it seems most postboned their weddings to autumn. Hopefully weddings and other celebrations can go on and it get's more stable.
I am still asking myself: Is it all getting back to normal again?
In my little micro cosmos it almost seems so. But when I look around or hear the news - what I rarely do it is more likely to get some unpleasant issues. Here in Germany companys were allowed to "postbone" any bankruptcy. So they are running right now but might be done in some months. It would bring more unemploymency. In Germany unemployed are well supported for the first year. Still I just hope life goes on and poeple are healthy and in a good mood.
And of course couples who which to get married can celebrate their weddings.
Getting married with a soft knit jacket from beemohr in 2020

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