Welcome YEAR 2020 Full of knitting and weddings

2020 A Year full of surprises

This year I will plan less, simply because a lot of things can not be planned, and my focus will be on:

         Sport                                 Healthy Eating                           Time for the  Family

Sport and Gym for 2020 Healthy Food 2020 Time with my family 2020 

How do I want to improve these issues in my life?

The base is already there. However, I can build up further knowledge in order to implement some improvements step by step. For me, plans work best with precise steps that I can follow.

For example, I had monthly challenges again and again last year, one was jumping rope for 20 minutes a day for 30 days - once the plan is created, there is hardly any return and it is fun.

My planning was abruptly overturned because of health problems. That also made me rethink and in the new year I can concentrate on the beautiful and important things in life with renewed strength.

Knitting for weddings is a passion that stays

Beemohr is and remains a task that gives me a lot of joy and acknowledgement. Last year I developed, knitted, shot and put many new models on my shop. These models were ordered from a couple of future brides immedeately.

I have also repositioned a lot in the purchase and sale of new products and am ready for wishes and orders from brides in 2020, both nationally and internationally.

In addition to bridal jackets and sweaters, I always knit sweaters and jackets for my family and myself ... maybe this will turn into a leisure line. I could still imagine that and maybe I would also find some interested parties. The key to new things is learning, so this year I will take some courses that are not necessarily related to my business. I can imagine these ones:

  • Painting course
  • Acting Course
  • To dance
  • Social media, finance, business, health

Get it on new ideas for 2020

Dear readers, I hope you have some ideas and plans for 2020 - I wish you for the fulfillment lots of energy, health and enough reasons to implement your ideas yours Sabine Mohr.