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New Bridal Knit Collection 2021

Knit Sweater, jackets, cardigans and loops for your wedding in 2021

It is december 2021. In Germany are still restrictions for weddings due to Corona. They can only be attended by two different families. With bride and groom's family the number of allowed audience is already reached. In addition all restaurants are closed probably untill the end of this year at least.

Only a few couples seem to get married in this times. I understand many prefer to celebrate with family and friends. Most rent a restaurant for their weddings. Therefore most of the couples postbone their weddings. 

  • I hope it is possible to celebrate as each future bride and groom like.

We stay optimistic and launched our new collection for year 2021.  By the way I can not imagine life without knitting.

Knitting a baby blaket in pale blue Beemohr herself

New knit modells for Brides in 2021

Bridal knit bolero lace ivory Rose knit cardigan suiting your bridal skirt

Bridal knit sweater hand knitted in light beige for weddings Light blue knit pullover look through for brides
Knit cardigan for brides in 2021 without corona cashmere knit pullover in cream suiting wedding skirt
Cuddly knit sweater for brides in autumn and winter without corona Bridal knit loop in white with cuffs


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