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Corona and waht we make out of this situation

Corona, what do we do with it?

So far, Corona was not so tangible for me. But today: 16th of march; it was announced that all schools in Lower Saxony are closed. That means I get active help from my kids and can take a longer break for relaxation. The school closes directly into the Easter holidays and only then will they probably open again.

Corona still we knit jackets for brides

Will my kids help knitting?

Probably nothing will work with the help, my kids are not really interested in knitting and have completely different hobbies, which range from sports to electronics to chilling in an endless loop.

Beemohr what happens in our knit studio?

So far I have not noticed any impairment in the course of business. But I guess this is to come. Marriages might not be possible with lot's of guests.

However, we are not dependent on foreign goods at all, as we only knit in Germany. My warehouse is well filled with wool, so we could knit for brides and guests for at least 1 year.

I also have a good stock for knitters who want to buy wool or knit kits. Just last year I realigned my warehousing and built up larger inventories.

What do I do personally?

I don't go to major events, although everyone was canceled anyway - from the wool fair, which is really great, to the book fair, which I also really like. Yes and the usual hygiene program. Until the school was closed, I hadn't given so much thought, but somehow it is getting closer.

What about bird flu and SARS?

I remember that there were also short excitement where you should get vaccinated, but at some point there was no longer a vaccine ... and after a while it was suddenly no longer an issue. Now it is different, the Corona theme is pushed very high. But who really knows why, maybe the media just ran out of topics or the pharmaceutical industry needs more sales.

In fact, this virus is fatal to only a few, even if it is tragic for everyone. Most get healthy quickly. There are completely different diseases that are proven to result in many more deaths: heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, pneumonia, etc.

Why is there so much fear and terror building up now because of a far less threatening illness? A noticeable difference is the possibility of infection. Diseases such as cancer and heart attack are caused to a certain extent by the way of life. It is hardly mentioned here on such a large scale that too much work and stress can cause illness.

With such theses less taxes would come in and the doctors would be unemployed and I would find it sooo nice if there were fewer sick people - in general -.

Healthy, without corona

What can the message be?

I know that may sound esoteric to many, but maybe there is a sense in Corona. Perhaps everyone should shut down their work and consumption workload and spend more time with their loved ones.

I can definitely do that now and I look forward to spending a lot of time with my girls.